Welcome to Zigmaa. Various resources of our society churn out large quantities and variety of data each day. The analyses of these data have now become a herculean task in today’s fast-paced academic, research and corporate scenarios. The advent of free and commercial statistical software can now come handy for any individual. The next barrier that we need to overcome is the fact that not many people are well-versed in handling software and some may be taken aback seeing large data sets. Handling this barrier requires the knowledge of computers, theoretical statistics and tools of the functional areas of relevance. Another most important and difficult task is the interpretation of the analyses of data. We at Zigmaa are into removing all the aforementioned hurdles using experienced personnel and wonder tools for nominal charges.

I attended the recent workshop (11/03/2017) conducted on SPSS. It was very informative and useful for my research.

Workshop was very useful